Hello there, my name is Jeff Price and I am a singer/songwriter. I make operatic, Queen-esqe, progressive music that heavily features vocals and piano. If this is the first you've heard of me, why not listen to the EP? It's four songs from my album "The Theatric Fantastic" (and is only about 13 minutes long):

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  • Recording Finished

    Recording for Tartarus Rock is essentially finished. And I've decided to join a band as singer as my next step. Full details are here

  • Entire Show on YouTube

    I uploaded the entire show from my one-off performance at the Crest on 4/12/2013. It's probably my best show to date.

    If you'd rather watch a summary, my live reel is also available instead.

    Still recording Tartarus Rock... recording the bass soon.

  • Recording New Material

    It's true, I've been recording new material for Tartarus Rock, a Greek mythology themed rock band. Recording is still in early stages but going pretty well.

  • Music Video for "A Love Song"

    So... my music video for "A Love Song" has been released. It's uh... colorful.

  • Shop is live!

    The shop is live! Why not give it a look? It's still being updated, but is quite functional now.